Orange Farm youth plant 67 trees at Tolstoy Farm

Orange Farm youth went to Tolstoy Farm near Lenasia with Dada Krishna to plant 67 trees late last month. The trip was to celebrate Mandela Day and also educate the youth about the importance of trees.

Tolstoy is one of Johannesburg’s heritage sites conceived by Mahatma Gandhi and his friend Hermann Kallenbach, who named the place in honour of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.

Krishna told Orange Farm News, “We took 2 adults and 18 youths to plant apricots, almonds, peaches, walnuts and figs. They were happy to learn how to plant and irrigate the plants. “Trees are life” giving us oxygen, fruits, flowers, shade and lastly they can be used for furniture and firewood. Participants received certificate of participation after planting trees. They learnt and enjoyed themselves at this heritage site. “

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