Cutting edge Chris Hani Sports Complex development to maximise functionality

The new Chris Hani Sports Complex And the Multipurpose Hall will serve as a state-of-the-art infrastructure, enhance the sporting experience, and foster community development.

Residents of the Stretford District Node in Orange Farm can look forward to a new, upgraded sports complex designed with excellence that is unique to the region.

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) has completed the site establishment for the highly anticipated Chris Hani Sports Complex.

This milestone marks the beginning of an exciting journey to create a cutting-edge sporting facility that will serve as a hub for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and the local community.

The Chris Hani Sports Complex forms part of the Orange Farm Turnkey Programme.

The JDA, the City of Johannesburg’s infrastructure development agency, is implementing the project on behalf of the City’s Community Development Department.

The development objectives of the Chris Hani Sports Complex are:

Intensifying the complex with sports related facilities

Promoting the development of sports excellence in youth

Promoting better integration between the sports complex and surrounding precinct

Improving the legibility of the complex by providing defined links, clear gateway and entrance points

The completion of this landmark facility will serve as a platform for the community in becoming a hub of sporting excellence and in inspiring the next generation of sporting talent.

The project encompasses the construction of multiple facilities including a multipurpose hall, athletics and soccer stadium, gatehouse, aquatics centre, a high performance centre.

The completion of this landmark facility will serve as a platform for the community, a hub of sporting excellence and inspiring the next generation of sporting talent. This project has multiple facilities, a multipurpose hall, an athletics and soccer stadium, a gatehouse, an aquatics centre, and a high-performance centre.

These multiple facilities will be designed in an integrated manner forming part of the overall sports precinct.

The implementation of the facility will also adopt a design construction methodology and material palette that seeks to amplify efficiency and ensure a contemporary design of high quality. The design will consider sustainability, energy generation and water harvesting from the individual buildings.

As part of the project, the JDA will also be undertaking public environment upgrades along Moyane Drive and 16th Street which will see the introduction of safe pedestrian crossings, paved sidewalks, street furniture, bins, benches, lights, and trader stalls as well as soft landscaping.

The public environment upgrade project will provide an improved quality environment and enhanced pedestrian experience.

“The construction of the Chris Hani Sports Complex will be in three phases, and we, as the JDA, are thrilled to have reached this significant milestone of the first phase of this facility,” JDA Acting CEO Siyabonga Genu said.

“This project is in Orange Farm, extension 4, in the Stretford District Node and, once completed, will serve as another example of how the JDA emphasizes the development of resilient, sustainable and liveable urban areas in identified transit nodes and corridors,” Genu added.

Stredford District Node is the most vibrant node in the area and feeds to the anchors such as the Eyethu Mall and Stretford Station. The node was identified in the city’s policy documents, the Nodal Review 2020.

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