Joburg Water Update: Orange Farm water outage

Following an incident caused by the contractor installing stormwater culverts in Orange Farm Extension 2, where a 300mm water pipe was damaged – service providers were invited on Thursday (27 July) and Friday (28 July) in the morning under an emergency.

This was to conduct an assessment on materials whose special fittings need to be fabricated in order to proceed with repairs.

The fittings are not standard hence the need to be fabricated. A quote from one serviceprovider has been received. The service provider will be able to fabricate and supply the required fittings for the repairs. A second service provider is expected to respond soon, as we need to give a go-ahead to the service provider who will be able to give the quickest turn around time to fabricate and supply the fittings.

So far, the quickest we can receive fabricated fittings is on Wednesday, 2 August, of which the plan is to startimmediately with repairs. Johannesburg Water will continue providing alternative watersupply through roaming and stationery water tankers.

The tower zone system has been restored and is supplying normally, while the reservoir zone is still recovering, and the outlet opened at 50%. Some areas will have water, while others will have low pressure to no water.

The system will recover from low-lying areas first and build up to higher lying areas. It is projected that the esystem may recover overnight, or once supply and demand balances out. We will continue monitoring and updates will be provided to customers if there are any changes.

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