Meet our Babes weHustle of the Week – Enerde Tshihlangu

This week, we’re crushing on Enerde Tshihlangu, a real hustler who does not limit herself – she sells cosmetics, make-up, hair extensions, ice cream, clothes, shoes and bags.

“I started my company Maedz Cosmetics and Hair Tavern in 2020 selling clothes and bags only, I later expanded to include other products. I target the youth marketing my business online. I also have a shop in Drieziek 3, next to Madala shop. I bring style and class to my clients’ door steps, they don’t have to travel far to enjoy good ice cream or look good what I love about my business,” shared Tshihlangu.

Name: Enerde Tshihlangu

Age: 27

Place of residence: Drieziek 3

Marital status: single

Children: One

Hustle: Cosmetics, hair and clothes

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