Gauteng urges public transport operators to renew expired operating licenses

The Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport is calling on public transport operators in possession of expired Operating Licenses to take advantage of the Department’s window of opportunity to renew their operating licenses by 31 July 2023.

The Department says it has identified over six (6000) thousand operating licenses that need to be renewed however less than 500 applications have been received and processed so far.

The Department’s head of communications, Melitah Madiba said: “Sections 25 of the National Land Transport Regulations requires that an Operating License that was issued for more than 30 days must be renewed not later than 30 days before expiry. The regulations further state that if the Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE) has not issued an Operating License by the expiry date, the Operating License will remain valid until a renewed license has been issued on condition that the operator keeps in the vehicle the receipt issued by the PRE as proof that such an application was made. “

She added: “The Department, therefore, is making a plea to the industry leaders to impress upon affected members to respond to the call by submitting applications. The receipt and the expired Operating License must always remain attached.”

Requirements for renewal of Operating License are as follows:

▪Completed application form

▪Certified ID copy/ Company Registration Certificate (CC)

▪(Letter of appointment for persons submitting applications for companies)

▪Renewed Contract (Contracted Services)

▪Letter from Association (Minibus Taxi mode)

▪Original Tax Clearance Certificate (SARS)

▪Original Operating license/ permit or certified copy + Affidavit

▪Certified Vehicle certificate of fitness & Roadworthy Certificate

▪Certified copies of Vehicle certificate of Registration (COR)

▪Fee of R300.00 per vehicle (cash or bank guaranteed cheque)

Applicants should also submit a list with the operator’s and their expired licenses details through their respective associations before the end of July 2023.

The TLOAB office in Johannesburg are located at:

45 Commissioner Street, Life Centre Building, Marshalltown – Johannesburg

Tel: (011) 227 8341/45/46 or (011) 355 7332

Manager: Mr Sechaba Tumelo -063 697 2568 / (011) 227 833


Operating times: Monday –Friday 08 : 00 –16 : 00

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