Orange Farm Eco-Fashion producers turn trash to treasure

Driven by their love and passion for Eco Fashion and Arts, two young Orange Farm women, Phumudzo Muthanyi (30) and Mbali Zukani (31) co-founded MicGalaw – a new South African street style, artistic and eco-friendly fashion brand for young people from the ages of 17 to 35.

Micgalaw has been in in business for 5 years producing bags, accessories, home-craft and furniture from recyclable materials, mainly focusing on four different types of plastics such as LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE and PET which are considered as a safer plastic option for food and drink use, but, quite difficult to recycle.

Ready for delivery: Some of MicGalaw’s finished bags

The brand’s Managing and Marketing Directors, Muthanyi and Zukani are carving out a very important niche in the South African green, fashion, recycling, upliftment and entrepreneurial space.

“We target the middle and upper working class individuals who have a huge interest in Eco fashion in Gauteng, Cape town and Durban. We both have a background in Human Resources Management, Fashion Design while Phumudzo also has some background in electrical engineering. We currently moved from Orange Farm Ext 1 to Krugersdorp due to electricity issues,” the duo told Orange Farm News.

Micgalaw sells its products directly from all its social media accounts and deliver through Paxi – a PEP counter to counter delivery service available in all provinces.

For more details, WhatsApp: 078 220 5840.

Visit them on Social Media: MicGalaw

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