From being Umageza to judging SA Radio Awards

Vanderbijlpark’s Oupa Setale’s inspirational career trajectory leaves one motivated and geared to do more, his humble journey began when he was driving taxis ferrying passengers on a daily basis. Today, he is an accomplished professional and publicist at Empowaworx – which recently wrapped up the Orange Farm EmpowaYouth event where thousands of local youngsters were left empowered. He has also been nominated again to judge the 2023 South African Radio Awards.

Despite his gig as a taxi driver, Setale holds qualifications in media, management and communications which enabled him to transition and build a solid career in the media industry.

With over 19 years of experience in radio broadcasting, Setale has developed an extensive understanding of media communications, advertising, branding, events management, and communications. His early career includes notable positions such as Programme Manager at VUT FM and Station Manager at Sedibeng FM, where he gained valuable insights into the operational aspects of radio stations.

Setale’s expertise and contributions to the field of radio broadcasting have been recognized through prestigious appointments. He was appointed as a Judge for the Liberty Radio Awards in 2017/19 and the South African Radio Awards in 2020/23, demonstrating his industry knowledge and the respect he commands among his peers.

One of Setale’s key strengths lies in his ability to manage multiple priorities effectively. He possesses exceptional networking skills, allowing him to build strong relationships within the industry. Additionally, his drive to exceed client expectations sets him apart and contributes to his success.

As a seasoned professional, Setale has a deep understanding of various facets of the media industry, including media campaigns, media relations, activations, and events management. His expertise in these areas allows him to deliver impactful and successful projects for his clients.

In summary, Oupa Setale’s journey from a taxi driver to a publicist is a testament to his determination and passion for the media industry. His qualifications, extensive experience, and comprehensive grasp of media communications make him a valuable asset in his field.

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