Johannesburg residents reassured of the safety of the City’s water

There are media reports claiming that Cholera was found downstream of Rand Water’s abstraction locations, which is kilometers away.

However, Johannesburg Water’s bulk supplier,Rand Water,has reassured the public that so far, there is no risk of infections related to tap water within its areas of supply.

“Even if Cholera were to be detected around our catchments, Rand Water uses chlorine as a disinfectant,which is able to deal with Cholera the same way as it does E.coli,” said Rand Water on its social media pages.

Meanwhile, in order to reassure the public about the excellent drinking water quality, Johannesburg Water continues to monitor and test for microbiology, physical, aesthetic, and chemical determinants.

In March this year, Cholera, and routine E.coli tests were conducted, and the results were negative.

Against the backdrop of the current Cholera outbreak, the water utility has continued to conduct tests on the water in stationary and mobile tankers at some informal settlements and reservoirs within the City of Johannesburg.

Issued by Johannesburg Water

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