Karry KaySA’s Women Empowerment Campaign seeks toiletry donations

Artist, actress, dancer, model and radio presenter, Karabo ‘Karry KaySA’ Mogale, pleads with the Orange Farm residents and local businesses to donate toiletries for the Women Empowerment Campaign launched last year to distribute sanitary towels and toiletries to young girls, boys and women in need.

“I want to assist disadvantaged families and appeal to well wishers to help me achieve this goal and bring change in the community. I also ask for food parcels, toiletries and sanitary towels, clothes and other donations to be distributed to those in need in the community,” Karry KaySA told OFN.

To donate or more info please call or Whatsapp 076 558 7575. Facebook: karry kaysa/Email: mogalekarabo64@gmail.com

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