Who is your life’s main character?

This might be an awkward question, but trust me, it has changed my life. The quality of your life is directly linked to the quality of questions you ask yourself and the level of honesty you can answer them.

Opinion by Mookho (Rich Aunt Moe) Mhlayivana

For a moment, I really want to challenge you to sit down, close your eyes and ask yourself these questions:

Who is the main character of your life?

If your life was a car, who would be the driver and where would you be sitting?

If your life was a movie, who would be the star?

Who or what takes precedence of your decisions?

What are your governing principles and values?

Who is in your life’s board of directors?

Who is in the governing body of your life?

In the beginning of the year, I asked myself these questions. I must be honest, it broke me. I realised that I was very unhappy with my decision-making and that I had replaced myself from the leading role in my life with people and things that had no business leading my life.

I asked myself, how did I get here? I realized that overtime I allowed pain to be the director of my life and it removed me from being the main character, thus my movie became a horror. I had to make painful decision. Firstly, I needed to take accountability and rewrite the script. Secondly, I needed to replace pain with gratitude. I had to remove certain people and things that were now leading my life.

I gave myself a second chance. A chance to rewrite my life and be the main character of my own life.

I’m not suggesting that you get rid of people or things in your life or to blame anyone for things are not going well. I am suggesting that you put people and things in the right place in your life. Never love and show up for other things and people above yourself. Assume the role of the main character in your life.

You should not be just the main character of your life but the scriptwriter as well. Hire and fire as you please, as and when you please.

May your movie (life) be nothing less than a beautiful blockbuster.

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