AKF takes civic education to Orange Farm youths

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation (AKF) held a Civic Education Workshop purposed on “Building Principled Civic Leaders: The Past, Present and Future” at the Orange Farm Ext 2 Hall on Saturday, 20 May.

A total of 27 youths attended the programme designed to equip the youth to be active and effective citizens in democratic processes such as voter registration in and around their communities.

“The civic education training programme fosters a sense of deep engagement among AKF Youth Club Members to ensure that as citizens they can understand the workings of the political system and their own political, and civic rights, roles, and responsibilities. The programme equips youth club members with the skills to critically evaluate the text of the preamble and founding principles of the South African Constitution. Moreover, it raise awareness among youth club members on their social responsibility as active citizens to create spaces for inclusive engagement to feel a sense of purpose in the context of driving their community issues through civic action,” AKF Youth Club’s Obakeng Kgatshe told Orange Farm News.

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation’s youth department believes that the importance of youth learning about civic education lies at the end of its civic education programme where young people who forming part of the youth clubs will be able to identify key support structures and resources (people, institutions, and attitudes) in their communities to be effective change agents.

The youth are also trained to understand the concept of public work and its implications for the relationship of people and their government. They recognise and discuss situations within their environment that require purposeful leadership and development of strategies for future interventions.

About the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Youth Clubs
The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation youth clubs aim to get young people actively involved in addressing social, environmental & political issues in their communities.

“Remember that no struggle in any part of the world was won in the drawing rooms and conference tables…we must at all times know that, as with the struggles of all peoples, the main brunt will have to be borne by the youth”
Ahmed Kathrada


●To create safe spaces where young people in the community can discuss, debate and learn about contemporary issues.
●To organise youth towards community/social change by means of campaigning, hosting events and stakeholders.
●To develop an active citizenry focused on sustainable development and upliftment of their communities.
●To promote the values and principles of Ahmed Kathrada, The Freedom Charter and The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.


The youth clubs serve as a tool for young people to be progressive active citizens who, through an Education & Training programme are equipped with the required skill base, information and knowledge to successfully address social justice issues in their communities and around the world.


●A non-racial, non-sexist, equal and just South Africa.

●Communities that can harness the full potential of their youth to contribute to greater community change.

Current Youth members: 400+
Current Youth clubs: 29

To join the AKF Youth Club in Orange Farm, contact Obakeng Kgashe on 084 675 9483 or email: Obakeng@kathradafoundation.org

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