Action Society to oversee Phelisa Kulu’s case

Action Society will now oversee the case of the murdered nurse, Phelisa Kulu, from Drieziek 4. The lifeless body of 37-year-old Phelisa was found in a bathtub in her house on 2 April 2023 with bruises on her face. According to her neighbours, they heard an argument between Phelisa and her boyfriend earlier.

When Phelisa did not turn up to drop items at the family or answer her phone, the family became concerned. They went to her house to check on her and noticed her car was missing. They could not gain entry to the house and went to the police. The police told them to break down the door, and they discovered Phelisa’s body. Her ID, bank cards, cell phones and other belongings were also missing.

The police opened a case of murder, and the suspect, her boyfriend, was last traced in Komatipoort. However, no arrests have been made.

The family mandated Action Society to oversee the case.

“We will leave no stone unturned to find Phelisa’s murderer and see to it that justice prevails. But, unfortunately, too many women are the victims of murders at the hands of their partners, and even though it is sadly too late to save Phelisa, we will continue to act against perpetrators of gender-based violence,” said Tshepi Mmekwa, Action Centre coordinator at Action Society.

Action Society is a civil rights organisation that was established in 2019. This non-profit company with PBO status acts in the interest of the public through active advocacy for policy change. We work within the community to fight for a reformed justice system, holding government accountable for failing to protect South African citizens.  Action Society is driven by the purpose to give a voice to the voiceless.

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