Driziek 1’s Serobe family seeks help finding Vusi who went missing in 2019

The Serobe family from Drieziek 1 is desperately seeking help to find their missing 28-year-old son, Vusi Petrose Serobe , who was last seen in 2019 wearing a black t-shirt and khaki trousers.

His mother, Peggy Serobe, said that Vusi used to disappear and come back home but since he left in 2019, he never returned.

Serobe told Orange Farm News: “Anyone who might know where Vusi is, please let us know. We have searched everywhere for him with no luck. We were once told he is staying in Joburg and went searching for him in street corners, hospitals and mortuaries, and couldn’t find him.”

She added: “Everyday we ask ourselves ‘Where is he? How is he?’ and pray that we find him. It is heartbreaking not knowing where your child is, when we eat I wonder what he has eaten. This is all very stressful, I plead with anyone who might know where my son is to please help us locate him,” added Serobe.

Anyone with information, regarding Vusi’s whereabouts can call Peggy on 073 833 1259, Mduduzi on 072 747 1863 or Nompe Serobe on 076 275 9079.

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