Blind widow chased out of matrimonial home in Drieziek 4 struggling to make ends meet

Fifty-nine-year-old widow, Josphina Duduzile Yende, who’s blind has been compelled to find shelter in a one room shack with no electricity, food, or cooking utensils in Orange Farm Ext 8a after she was forcefully removed from the home she built with her late husband in Drieziek 4.

By Queen Machimana -Intern

Yende alleges that after the death of her husband she was chased away by the neighbors, the husband’s family and two police officers from Orange Farms SAPS.

She told Orange Farm News that she was hurriedly taken out of the yard before she could even get a chance to pack her belongings.

She is unable to apply for the Sassa Disability Grant because she left her identity documents and with her disability, fear, and no one to help, she can’t go to fetch her belongings. She survives on handouts from caring neighbours and residents.

Yende’s current house in Ext8b

Yende told Orange Farm News: “My neighbors do give me food, some get burdened and stop. I am really struggling. I eat once a day and sometimes spend the entire day without a meal.”

She pleads for help get her belongings from the house she used to stay in.

A concerned Ext 8b resident told Orange Farm News: “Gogo must be taken to a home; staying alone won’t do any good for her, since she doesn’t have relatives.”

Orange Farm News reached out to the Gauteng Department of Social Development to intervene, the matter was escalated to their Johannesburg region. At time of publication we were still awaiting feedback. Be on a look out for more updates.

Should you want to assist Yende, get in touch with us on 011 850 1026 or email

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