Khanye de Katarist invites artists to Freedom Day Open Mic Session

Orange Farm Ext 2’s guitarist, Khanye de Katarist, invites musicians and poets to showcase their talents and confidently express themselves in front of an audience at the Freedom Day Open Mic Session to be held on Thursday, 27 April at the Ext 2 Park from 2pm to 6.30pm.

“As an artist growing in the township, I know how it feels to be denied opportunities to perform and expose your work to a bigger audience. Orange Farm has a lot of talent that needs to be showcased and nurtured. This movement is going to benefit all local artists as we aim to grow, uplift and support each other. I urge all upcomin artists to come and perform,” Khanye to Orange Farm News.

The sessions are organised by Khanye, Orange Farm by Night and pianist, Mpho Nhlapo, in collaboration with Fastrack Music Store to provide the audience and performers with quality sound.

For more info, contact 061 331 5746.

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