Inyama yenhloko-a loved South African food staple

Inyama yenhloko (cow head, sheep head or goat head meat) or iskopo is a traditional Southern African food Inyama yenhloko is traditionally boiled with salt, spices or beef stock and served with uphuthu or pap and umhluzi, a type of soup

The meat is mostly sold at taxi ranks and now being accessible at townships. Most people enjoy it with chillie powder or chillie sauce. The word inyama yenhloko means “head meat” in isiZulu. The symbolism behind Inyama yenhloko is that since men are the heads of the family, the meat is reserved for them.

Traditionally the cows are usually slaughtered for big ceremonies such as weddings and funerals and the men would gather at the kraal and eat the meat placed on a flat big zinc or wood. Women were not allowed in the kraal and could not eat Inyama yenhloko.

Men that work as taxi drivers would usually buy inyama yenhloko during the day while working at the rank. Nowadays most young people including women enjoy the meat and it has been popular in South African and can be bought at kasi or restaurants selling South African cuisine.

Most methods call for salted water and beef stock to be brought to a boil, the cow’s head is placed into the broth, covered and simmered for one or two hours until the meat is tender.

Source: Wikipedia

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