Drieziek 1’s hustler washes dustbins to earn a living

To generate income and be able to sustain himself, Tshepo Gushman (25) started offering bin cleaning services in Drieziek 1 at the beginning of the year.

By Queen Machimana -intern

Every Monday after waste collection, Tshepo collects dustbins and washes them outside his home before taking them back to the owners.

He completed his Matric in 2018 and since has been job hunting since, he decided to take matters onto his hands and started his business. He encourages the youth to fight poverty by finding means to legally generate income outside of employment.

Tshepo told Orange Farm News: “In order to get customers, I went door-to-door around my community, advertising my dustbin business. Most residents expressed interest and supported the business, thank to them, I currently wash 14 bins.”

He charges R10 for each wash and collects the cash at the end of the month.

“I aim to expand my business and spread it to other sections around Orange Farm and share such ideas with my fellow unemployed youth in the community,” he added.

To get Tshepo’s services, contact him on 063 977 9767.

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