Here’s how you make a delicious Dombolo loaf

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cook time: 50 minutes

This delicious South African classic is more versatile than you may think! Use as a dumpling in your favourite hearty stew or as a steamed loaf


500g (3 cups) Snowflake Dombolo Flour Mix 375ml (1 ½ cups) water, 5g (1 ½ tsp) instant yeast


Combine 1 cup of water, 500g (approximately 3 cups) of Dombolo Flour Mix and yeast in a bowl to form into a dough ball. Add the remaining water and form into a firm ball. Place the dough in well-greased metal bowl that fits inside a pot for steaming, cover with wax paper and allow to rise in a warm place for 30 minutes.

Quarter-fill the pot for steaming with water and bring to boil. Place the bowl containing the dough ball into the pot with boiling water and cover with pot’s lid. Steam for approximately 50 minutes or until cooked. Take out the Dombolo, remove the wax paper and allow to cool.

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