Pink Spot open in Drieziek 5

On Thursday, 6 April, We Strive To Live, Digital Disruptors and Amnesty International converged in Drieziek 5 to officially open the Pink Spot – a safe place for residents to gather and discuss challenges such as gender equality and Gender Based-Violence (GBV).

The ceremony was attended by ANC Women’s League, Ward 5 Cllr Mxolisi Ndzondo and Sweet Melodies Sefuba amongst others.

We Strive To Live founder, Thandeka Mdunyelwa, told Orange Farm News: “Thank you to everyone who supported this opening, we now look forward to making change in our community. We can now safely discuss a number of issues plaguing the community such as GBV, drugs abuse, unemployment and more. We also invite the LGBTQIA+ to also join us. We intend to host at least two events a month where survivors will share their stories to help those in abusive relationships to come forward and get help.”

Mdunyelwa said the spot will also be used to promote small businesses.

“We don’t only help women deal with GBV, but we also equip them with skills to unable them to earn a living while we’ll also be promoting their work,” Mdunyelwa added.

For more info please call Thandeka Mdunyelwa on 072 427 1036.

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