The realities of childbirth today…Cesarean (C-section) Awareness Month 

April is Cesarean Awareness Month, a worldwide campaign to educate society about surgical births, their importance and when they become a problem

A cesarean is a life-saving procedure for women in need but is also a problem when performed unnecessarily. In some countries, there is an insufficient number of cesarean deliveries to meet the cases that need this procedure. In others, cesarean sections on healthy women compromise the health of mothers and children.

Cesarean Awareness Month is an initiative of the International Cesarean Awareness Network to educate the public about the reality of childbirth. Unfortunately, there are numerous reports of mothers suffering moral and physical trauma during pregnancy and childbirth.

The indiscriminate prescription of cesareans is part of this statistic called obstetric violence, a specific violation of human rights and a considerable public health problem.The campaign aims to reduce preventable cesareans in mothers who do not need or will not benefit from it, support post-cesarean recovery, and advocate for vaginal delivery after cesarean.

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