Receive support for your small business through Opportunity Centres

The City of Johannesburg is aiming to establish itself as the Entrepreneurial City of the Future. With unemployment currently at 27.7% and youth unemployment at 38.6%, the City needs concrete solutions to these pressing issues.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of any economy and require useful support if they are to succeed. The Opportunity Centres (OCs) are our solution to providing this support. OCs are places where members of the community, especially emerging small businesses across all sectors, can walk in for assistance and advice on entrepreneurship and business support issues.

The purpose of the OCs is to create an environment where entrepreneurs and small businesses can thrive through the support of public-private partnerships. Soon all Opportunity Centres will host an Opportunity Seekers Database where job seekers can submit their CVs. Government and the private sector will be able to access the database to link registered job seekers to work opportunities.

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