Drieziek’s construction site causes havoc amongst residents

The unoccupied space infamously known as the ‘construction site’ with vandalised shelters and long grass near the road entering Drieziek 1 from Golden Highway- JC, has led to fights and raised the ire of residents who can’t seem to reach an agreement as to who and how the space can be utilised.

By Queen Machimana – Intern

Thembi Mazibuko, Drieziek 1’s Block C community leader is said to be in control and has been accused of barring people from utilising the area.

One of the victims, founder of New Covenant Development Centre and Home, Lindiwe Zondo, used to hold day care for disabled children at the site but was chased out of the space, she now works from her home.

Drieziek 1’s Qhakazani Drum Majorettes were also stopped from practicing their parade dance at the space.

Mazibuko told Orange Farm News: “I would love to see that space in a good condition because it can be used as a community hall for the residents of Drieziek 1, meetings and church services can be held there like we used to. However, the way things turned out, it looked like I was in danger, as people are now against me accusing me that I want to be in control of the place. Whereas, I am only fighting for it not to be vandalised but used to build recreational spaces and a community hall.”

Early last month, Orange Farm News raised the issue with Ward 4 Cllr Simon Molefe who then addressed a community meeting held in Drieziek 1 on 15 March.

Molefe said: “Why is this place like this when we have a number of institutions that can occupy this place -NPOs, day cares and churches are some of the institutions that can use the space for the benefit of the community. Some crimes are committed by us without realising because of hatred amongst ourselves.”

The Cllr concluded the matter by requesting residents to discuss how they would like the place to be occupied and asking block leaders to bring the feedback to him. If consensus is not reached, Molefe said he will implement an option on how the space can be used on his own.

Thus far, Orange Farm News has not received any updates regarding the matter and the area is still unoccupied.

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