Street Talk: Residents share flu prevention methods

It’s flu season and Orange Farm News’ intern, Queen Machimana engaged several readers who shared several methods they use to prevent themselves and others from catching the cold (flu)…

Thando Mthunzi

Even though COVID-19 abused us, it also taught us ways to prevent the flu. When it’s flu season, I make sure I have antibiotics and immune boosters. I also wash my hands regularly and since I work with people, I always wear a mask.

David Masilo

I use the old tricks that my grandmother taught me—stemming and cleaning my immune system once or twice a week.

Lerato Motadinyane

I prevent myself from getting the flu by taking vitamin C supplements and eating plenty of hot food, like bean soups with chillies.

Shine Motadinyane

I prevent myself from catching the flu by eating fruits like oranges and always drinking warm water with ginger. I also wear warm clothes when it’s cold, and a mask still works wonders when it comes to preventing the flu.

Nomsa Mbatha

I always take 1 vitamin C tablet daily and keep myself warm when it’s cold. I drink warm water every night, and I take the flu vaccination once a year.

Prensca Bongile Ntilini

I always make sure that I wear warm clothes when it’s cold. I avoid going out if it’s not necessary, I drink ginger tea, and avoid handshakes as much as possible.

Kedibone Khotha

I avoid close contact with people who are sick and when I am sick, I keep my distance to avoid getting others sick too. Washing my hands regularly helps protect me from germs. If soap and water are not available, I use an alcohol-based hand rub. I clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces; I get plenty of sleep so that I can be physically active; I manage my stress; I drink plenty of fluids; and I eat nutritious food.

Mmpho Mokubung

I still believe what my mom used to say to me when I was young – to always wear a jersey when there’s a cold breeze – it still works for me. I do not take the risk of not wearing my jersey in the morning, especially during the rainy days and the start of winter.            

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