Drieziek’s New Covenant Centre needs help

In 2013, Lindiwe Zondo founded New Covenant Development Centre and Home in Drieziek 1 to provide shelter and support to children with disability whose parents are absent from their lives and its a daycare for able-bodied children. She envisions a society that loves children regardless of their disabilities and wishes to be assisted in completing the children’s home amongst other things.

By Queen Machimana- Intern

She educates the children in the community about people with disability and the various types of disabilities.

Zondo told Orange Farm News: “I have been staying with three children living with disability since they were 12, soon two will be 19-years-old, while the other one will be 13. They have difficulties with speech, voluntary muscle movement, down syndrome and one is blind. Transport is a big challenge, especially when visiting the clinics; I must pay for us and the wheelchairs in a taxi. We also don’t have sponsors but survive on social grants and my income. I’m in need of a bigger space to operate. I plead with readers to help us with sponsorship.”

New Covenant Development Centre and Home has six caregivers who hope to educate children, families and the community about the rights of children with disabilities.

Zondo added: “The rights of people with disability are ignored by families and the community. The discrimination and negligence faced by people with disability is out of this world. Most are not well taken care of, they are hidden from society, their parents only care about their grants.”

To assist, contact Lindiwe Zondo at 072 158 3023 or Nomsa Mbatha at 065 980 9675.

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