Mvex to release Sesotho Se Exclusive 2

SeSotho rapper, music producer, videographer and songwriter, Mvelase ‘Mvex’ Sithole (22) is set to release a 15-track album – Sesotho Se Exclusive 2 – in June.

Mvex told Orange Farm News: “My music motivates me, I started recording since I was 13, I’ve never had a manager or someone guiding me but, I push smarter not harder. ‘Sesotho Se Exclusive 1’ did very well, some songs are on Apple Music and some were played on Thetha FM. It was never easy, but, with God’s grace, things happened. Being a Sesotho rapper is not easy because some people don’t relate.”

Mvex said his dream is to see Orange Farm, Lindley and Slovo on the map while promoting and helping Sesotho artists to be recognised in the music industry.

“This album has songs about these 3 places to show appreciation for the love and support I receive from them. I featured DaKid, Savage Junior, Steevy and M-Oky on the album. I encourage music lovers to give Sesotho artists attention and support. I’m looking forward to working with the likes of Mli Dube – the founder of Artistry Media,” Mvex added.

For more info: Facebook: MvexRsa, Instagram: mvex_ms, Twitter: mvexrsa and Tiktok: mvexrsa.

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