Drieziek’s gogo Mohlabi aspires to pass crafting skills to the next generation

Drieziek 1’s self-taught artist, Dipuo Charlotte Mohlabi (55), who uses a plethora of materials to craft clothes, shoes and more intends to pass her skills onto the next generation.

By Queen Machimana- Intern

Mahlabi produces shoes, bags, hats, mats, belts, wool tops and many more using garments, plastic, leather and other materials. She used to only knit woollen items and later started crafting plastic shoes for herself. She then added other materials to make the shoes more strong and last longer.

Mohlabi spoke to Orange Farm News: “I never went to school to learn how to craft, I learnt it through my curiosity and passion. I browse the internet for nice designs and also look at the designs at the stores, I then make something out of that design, giving it my taste. I wish to teach fellow residents this skill so that they can also make a living, it offers independence and one can put food on the table.”

Mohlobi asks organisations or individuals who can provide a platform for her to share her skills to please get in touch with her on 073 577 6319 or 084 978 0468. 

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