From Orange Farm to the World: Msakazi bags new Metro FM slot

Orange Farm born Radio DJ, MC and artist, Msakazi, celebrates 10 years of an incredible journey on radio and occupies new slot every Saturdays on Metro FM.

Mpumi Mlambo, more popularly known as Msakazi by her adoring fans, has had an incredible stint with her weekly show The Hustler Fix airing on weekdays from 2am to 5am on Metro. She dedicated her airtime over the last year to giving listeners their daily fix – to end off the night or kickstart their day.

With the accolades to back it, 2 years on WITS Radio and 7 years at Power FM, Msakazi made a name for herself as a taste-maker in the music scene, unearthing new talent as well as being an instrumental figure in documenting culture, with her show Power Lounge.

In 2014, she bagged an MTN Radio Award for Best Breakfast Show Presenter, not to mention interviewing the likes of Ari Lennox, Angelique Kidjoe, Ckay and Kiddominant, to name a few.

 ‘My love for documenting music at that level and my accolades saw me become one of the new talents on Metro FM,’ she elaborated.

Msakazi will be taking over The Encore on Saturdays from 12noon till 3pm where South Africans can expect to have a great time and be plugged onto incredible music from South Africa and the African continent.

She’ll also be making her grand return to television, something fans should be on the lookout for.

Msakazi urges the youth to do better and follow their dreams.

“Young people can be anything they wish to be. Nothing is impossible – it sounds cheesy, but, that’s true. They should use the internet to show the world their talents and also learn new skills,” she advised.

Catch Msakazi on the following times on Metro FM

The Hustlers Fix, every weekday from 2am to 5am and

The Encore on Saturdays every 12pm to 3pm

Connect with Msakazi:

Twitter: @msakazi_rsa

Instagram: @msakazi_rsa

Facebook: Mpumi Mlambo


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