CPF Community Patrollers confiscate drugs and dangerous weapons

This month, CPF Community Patrollers conducted various Crime prevention patrols, stop and searches in Orange Farms Sectors and recover different types of weapons, drugs and dagga.

The operation conducted by Siyabangena patrollers, Bicycle Squad patrollers and School patrollers yielded positive results in the prevention of crimes such as stabbing, common robberies, robbery with dangerous weapons and firearms which can lead to murder.

On Wednesday, 22 March, Siyabangena patrollers identified a suspicious person carrying a bag, when they approached him, he left the bag and fled. He boarded a Venture which was nearby. When searching the bag, patrollers found Nyaope, Crystal Meth and dagga. While on 4 March, the Bicycle Squad managed to disarm a group of boys who were carrying pangas and knives.   

The hardworking Orange Farms CPF Patrolers

In total, 4 pangas, 90 knives, 36 pokes of dagga, 7 Packets of nyaope and Crystal Meth drugs were seized and handed over to the CSC Commander then booked in the police storage, no suspects were arrested during the confiscation of the weapons.

The Sedibeng Acting District Commissioner, Brigadier AM Nkhwashu applauded the effort made by the CPF community patrollers. He said such great successes will not go unnoticed and further encouraged tight partnership between the community patrollers and the police in combating crime in the Orange Farms policing area.

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