Region G campaigns against illegal dumping in Drieziek 4

City officials from CRUM Region G, Pikitup, and Environmental Health practitioners conducted a door-to-door education campaign in Drieziek 4 to encourage community members to stop illegal dumping. The campaign aimed to enforce municipal bylaws and encourage community members to dispose of their waste responsibly.

Officials also conducted a walkabout in the area to monitor compliance with municipal bylaws and raise awareness among community members.

During the campaign, Environmental Health practitioners issued a warning to a property owner who had captured piglets in a residential area, disturbing the neighbourhood peace.

They recommended that the animals be relocated to an agricultural smallholding to ensure community safety.

In a similar initiative, CRUM Region G, the Community Workers Programme (CWP), Pikitup, and Environmental Health practitioners conducted a cleaning campaign in Drieziek 9 near the Mbalenhle Primary Healthcare Clinic.

The CWP used their own tools, including lawn trimmers, to clean the open space near the local school.

Pikitup also cleared an illegal dumping spot in the area. City officials urged community members not to litter and always abide by municipal bylaws to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

In a separate incident earlier this week, a small business in Ennerdale Ext 6 was shut down by the City’s Environmental Health directorate in Region G for violating municipal bylaws. The business, which allegedly burned animal fat to make candles, was found in contravention of environmental health bylaws.

Following a series of complaints from the local community, the City together with members of the JMPD, CRUM Region G, City Power, and the South African Police Service (SAPS) conducted an inspection of the business premises on Wilfred Crescent, south of Johannesburg.

During the inspection, the business was found to be infringing environmental health bylaws, posing a health hazard to the community, forcing officials to shut down its operations.

“We urge members of the public to comply with environmental health bylaws to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Community members should always report environmental violations to the authorities promptly,” said Mickey Padayachee, the Director for Region G.

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