Natjoints have arrested 87 protestors across the country for public violence related offences

Law enforcement officers through the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NATJOINTS) have in the last 12 hours arrested 87 protestors across the country for public violence related offences. Since the beginning of the integrated deployments, the Natjoints together with the respective Provjoints have been monitoring the situation closely to prevent and combat any acts of lawlessness and criminality.

Of the eighty-seven arrested, 41 were arrested in Gauteng, 29 in North West, 15 in Free State. There are also arrests in other provinces such as Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape. Updates will be provided as and when information becomes available. At least 24 300 tyres have been confiscated by law enforcement agencies. These were tyres that were strategically placed for acts of criminality. 6000 were seized in the Western Cape, 4500 in the Free State, 3600 in Gauteng, 1513 in the Eastern Cape and a few in other provinces. The Natjoints re-affirms its commitment to serving and protecting both law abiding protestors and non-protestors. The Natjoints will not allow and tolerate any forms of lawlessness and acts of criminality.

Anyone found to be contravening the law will be dealt with accordingly. Law enforcement officers are on high alert and will continue to prevent and combat any acts of criminality, maintain public order, protect the inhabitants of South Africa and their property as well as uphold and enforce the law.

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