Orange Farm Meals on Wheels on a mission to fight hunger

Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organisation providing meals to the community of Orange Farm since 2009. It began by feeding 24 people and has since expanded its reach to 1 350 beneficiaries.

Under the supervision of Patrick Maphoto, who is the manager of the Meals on Wheels’ Ext 3 satellite office, nine staff members cook and distribute food weekly from Monday to Thursday.

With the large number of people in need in the area, they end up experiencing food shortages and sadly others return home empty-handed due to lack of sponsorship.

The organisations seeks donations of food parcels, clothes, sanitary towels, school shoes and stationery to be distributed accordingly, prioritising the elderly and disadvantaged households.

“We would really love the support of the community. Anything that can be donated and passed on to the needy is more than welcomed,” Maphoto told OFN.

To assist Orange Farm Meals on Wheels, contact Patrick Maphoto on 072 909 2092.

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