Gatvol Orange Farm learners shutdown schools in protest over furniture

On Monday, 13 March, gatvol Orange Farm learners shutdown schools in the area in protest over lack of furniture at the schools.

The protest started at Jabulile then proceeded to Qoqa, Raphela, Leshata and Aha-Thuto secondary schools where learning was disrupted with learners demanding desks and chairs. 

Learners said learning without proper furniture is a struggle, some are forced to attend lessons standing while others sit on the floor.

Orange Farm News spoke to Gauteng Department of Education’s spokesperson, Steve Mabona who said: “Our officials visited the school (Jabulile Secondary) to assure them that necessary orders have been placed and as such deliveries will be affected in due course. We call upon learners to use available channels to raise their concerns, than resorting to disruptions.”  

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